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The Cursed Underworld Teaser Trailer

The Cursed Underworld Update Releases September 10th!

If you've been waiting for chaotic dungeon crawling action and the gear to go with it, this upcoming update will be right up your alley! On September 10th we'll introduce a new underground procedural cave system, weapon enchanting, armour, an overhauled skill-tree, new survival mechanics, a peaceful gamemode, and many more game-changing additions.

Check out the Cursed Underworld teaser trailer below:

Key Features:

  • Explore a massive underground procedurally generated cave system.

  • Unlock and conquer the cursed dungeons, battle cursed bosses, elite enemies, and reap the rewards with new loot chests.

  • Enchant your weapons and tools by unlocking rare runes to harness a new way of fighting in Len’s Island.

  • Armor up with new armor and outfit sets with unique abilities to help you conquer the dungeons

  • Surviving in Len’s Island is becoming more in-depth with new hunger, item drop, and survival mechanics.

  • A new peaceful game mode will be added for players who prefer minimal dungeon crawling and survival mechanics.

  • New build items and décor will be added such as several storage items, wall lighting, paintings and functional aquariums.

  • New smaller town settlements scattered over several islands will replace Bridgewater, allowing for further exploration to trade with villagers.

We hope you're as excited as we are!

- Julian

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Manuel Aguaviva
Manuel Aguaviva
Oct 08, 2023

Para cuando mas idiomas?

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