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Harvest Moon Update

A Major Update to Len's Island

The Harvest Moon update brings a new lunar event that will take place every 5 in-game days, as well as the heavily requested town advancement system.

Harvest Moons boost the growth of all crops and boost the processing speed of the brand new outposts scattered across the map. There are new ballista towers and cannons to help defend your outposts, as well as improvements to the building system. But there's no need to fear, you can easily skip the harvest moons be sleeping in a bed or staying down inside the caves!

Every town in the game can now be levelled up multiple times at the brand new town boards. Advancing a town to the next level will change the look and aesthetics of the town, unlock new NPC’s for trading, and eventually, unlock teleporters!

In addition to the new event and town changes, we’ve packed in many other improvements and fixes. Such as, rabbits, player-built portals, easier vision in the dark, expanded storage items, and many balancing changes and bug fixes.

All of the content in this update can be accessed in existing save files, the new outpost islands will now spawn randomly in empty areas in the ocean. You won’t need to restart your save!

This update also includes a lot of various balancing tweaks and polish to improve the game from start to finish. We try to improve all aspects of the game with every major update, instead of just focusing on new content and leaving the rest behind. So many of the items in the Tweaks & Balancing Changes section are general improvements based on community feedback.

~ Julian

New Features

  • New Harvest Moon event will now take place every 5 in-game days. Harvest moons boost crop growth by 4 times, and boost outpost production by 7-10 times. During harvest moons voidlings will spawn around the map, and waves of enemies will attack your purchased outposts. Harvest moons can be easily skipped by sleeping in a bed, or staying down in the caves.

  • Three new islands with new Outposts have been added. You can talk to Jack the pirate to receive the locations of the Lumber Mill, Mining Quarry, and Metal Refinery Outposts. The outposts are for sale and can be purchased at any time for 1,000 gold each. They will passively generate resources without the need of fuel. Their outputs will automatically store in the Wood Pile, Stone Pile, and the new Metal Chest.

  • New Town Upgrading System added into the game. Every town now has a Town Board that can be opened, this is where you can provide resources to upgrade the town to the next level. Upgrading a town will upgrade the aesthetics and layout of the town, unlock new vendors for trading, and eventually unlock warp portals for quickly teleporting between all of the towns. You also get a gold reward for every town upgrade.

  • New Warp Portal added to the build menu. The warp portal is a high-tier building item that can be used to teleport around the map. The warp portal syncs up to the new portal network, so you can freely teleport between town portals and your own portals.

  • New Ballista Tower added to the build menu. Ballista towers will automatically shoot nearby enemies with bolts. Ballista towers do not require ammo or fuel, however they can be targeted by enemies and destroyed, refunding their crafting cost onto the ground.

  • New Swivel Cannon added to the build menu. The cannon can be aimed by the player to shoot cannon balls that deal significant damage. Cannons can be placed onto of any construction piece, as well as attached to the front of boats.

  • New clock added to UI hud that shows the current time of day.

  • New Metal Chest added, the metal chest is a synced storage item that stores all types of metals and ores.

  • New Rabbit animal has been added, rabbits will spawn around forest and will drop animal hide.

  • Added Raw Hide for purchase to Alex in Bridgewater.

  • Buildings now have health and can be damaged by enemies and other world elements.

  • New Build Hammer added that is unlocked by default and can be used to repair any building for free.

Tweaks & Balancing Changes

  • Significantly raised the light level for dungeons, caves, and moon light, so you can more easily see in the dark without needing a torch. This is to allow players to be able to use shields more easily during combat in the dungeons, and only requiring torches when looking for loot in houses. The desert’s act 3 dungeons and cursed dungeons are still dark, which creates the need to unlock the backpack lamp for them.

  • Improved the daylight lighting to be warmer and have nicer looking shadows and ambient lighting, especially during sunrise and sunset.

  • Reworked the map markers for dungeons to be more clear and show all of the different unlock states for normal and cursed mode.

  • You can now use the mouse to move around during build/edit mode.

  • Foundations can now be connected to walls, ceilings, and foundations steps at different heights. This makes building in the caves and across hills much easier and more creative.

  • Simplified the building fade controls into one button to hide/show the entire building.

  • Building height limit removed and replaced with a global world height limit. You can now make buildings much higher, especially if they start at sea level.

  • Lowered the build costs for all basic construction items across all styles, making it slightly easier/cheaper to build bigger houses.

  • Increased the backpack capacity by 50 slots for the Pioneer's Backpack and Collector's Backpack

  • Slightly lowered the crafting cost for baked foods

  • All synced storage items can hold more items, slots increased from 18 to 24

  • Oil now burns for 2.5x longer and at a higher speed

  • Slightly boosted HP gain from all baked foods

  • The pantry can now hold potions

  • Boats sail slightly faster

  • Wrecked armor set sailing speed increased from 5% per item to 10% per item

  • XP granted from harvesting crops slightly lowered

  • Rebalanced crafting costs for salvaged metal and machine parts

  • Reduced crafting cost of the hardsteel weapons to only need 3 hardsteel instead of 5

  • Hardsteel pickaxe mining speed slightly increased

  • Removed iron from the refinery crafting cost

  • Rebalanced purchase costs for the druid armor set

  • Workbench unlocks tweaked to include new building items

  • Tweaked the skill point costs for some skills on the skilltree

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • Fixed various walled encounters across the dungeons not correctly triggering or ending

  • Implemented new enemy pooling system that significantly improves performance when spawning new enemies

  • Balanced the audio levels for hundreds of sounds across the game

  • Fixed the Elite Weapon Smith achievement not correctly working

  • Added new reload system that will significantly reduce the load time when dying or teleporting short distances

  • Fixed several issues with map markers not correctly showing their states

  • Fixed some of the dungeon runes not correctly updating their colors when completed in cursed mode

  • Made void fish's lightning bolt attacks able to be blocked by buildings

  • Fixed the plant sparkles sound not working and their FX being a bit hard to see

  • Lightning sound turned down so you don’t poop your pants when it strikes next to you

  • Fixed dozens of small building snap and placement issues, making some building pieces and decoration items unable to place correctly

  • Fixed enemies not playing their death animations correctly

  • Fixed various bugs sometimes causing storage items to not save the items inside of them correctly

  • Fixed various rare bugs causing machines to not correctly save and load their items and sometimes remove inputs

  • Fixed some map markers blocking the map and stopping you from clicking or placing custom markers

  • Fixed machinery fire UI particles not playing when a machine is lit and running

  • Fixed buoyancy objects not always resetting their rigibody's drag after the gods have spoken

  • Fixed Braziers and Lamps in the dungeons and caves sometimes not saving


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