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Len's Island Full Release Roadmap

We're proud to release the complete Len's Island Roadmap out of Early Access. Discover what we have planned for future updates as we reveal key dates for major features and announce the full release of Len's Island! Although we do our best to set reasonable expectations for our updates, please note that these timeframes are subject to change during the development process.

We'd also like to thank the Len's Island community for all of the on-going support and suggestions. The roadmap has been tailored based on the feedback we've received to ensure we give you the best possible version of Len's Island.


This November we introduce the Harvest Moon update that will bring an entire new gameplay experience to Len's Island. Take advantage of harvesting high yielding crops and resource mining at super speed as the moon rises and illuminates the night sky. Be sure to stay alert, as you never know what's lurking in the darkness!

In the Harvest Moon update, players will be able to defend their mining outposts and farms with new ballista and cannon towers, level up the towns to collect gold and unique features, hunt rabbits, fast travel through a new portal system, and so much more! Let's dive into the details of the next content-filled update below.

Resource Mining Outposts

- 4 new Resource Mining Outposts including: Small and Large Lumber Mills, a Mining Quarry, and a Metal Refinery

- Three new islands to be added to the procedural terrain generation that host the resource mining outposts available for purchase

- Each outpost provides a constant stream of resources that are automatically mined and transported into a storage pile that syncs with all of your personal storage.

- Outposts work at super speed during Harvest Moons and can be attacked by waves of enemies. Use the new tower defense and buildings to protect them during the event.

Harvest Moon Event

- Special new Harvest Moon event that will take place every 7-10 in-game days

- Harvest Moons give players the opportunity to gain abundant resources during a short amount of time

- Enemies roam the overworld during the event, and waves of enemies will attack your resource outposts

- Harvest Moon events are optional and can be skipped either by sleeping in bed or staying down in the caves

New Defensive Towers

- New Ballista Towers that can be built that auto aim and shoot at enemies

- New player-aimed Cannons that can be built and placed on all building pieces and boats


- Every town will include a new teleportation portal that can be activated once the town has been advanced to level 3

- New player-built portals will be added that link to the greater portal network for easy teleportation


- A new animal that will spawn across the overworld. Rabbits have low health and are an easy way to collect animal hide early in the game

Town Advancement System

- Beginning of new town advancement system allowing all towns to be separately upgraded 3 levels

- Advancing a town to the next level will improve the aesthetics and functions of the town, as well as eventually unlocking a teleportation portal

- Upgrading a town will cost various building resources, and in return the villagers give you large amounts of gold. Town upgrading is both a mechanic to improve the usability and aesthetics of a town, as well as a means to sell resources at a high value for large amounts of gold.

Building Updates

- All construction items will have health and can be destroyed by enemies and other hazards

- A new building hammer item to be introduced that can be used to efficiently repair any damaged building piece to full health. The building hammer is unlocked by default and available to equip at any time from the tools page in the backpack.

- Several changes to the foundation placement system will allow for more complex structures and easier building placement. This change seems small on paper but allows for a lot more varied building in the game. You will be able to snap foundations to walls, ceilings, and foundation steps. This allows for multi-height buildings and a lot more creative ways to snap together floors and walkways.

- Removing the building height restriction of 5 levels and instead made the building height restriction based on the global height of the world. Allowing players to build much taller buildings.

- Adding the ability to freely move the player while in building and edit mode. In turn, the building level toggle system will be removed and replaced by a button that fades in all levels at once. Building in Len's Island will become a lot more player-centric and generally quicker and easier. Allowing for free movement during build and edit mode, instead of needing to stop and enter-exit the build mode constantly.


This December we look forward to releasing Len's Island in multiple languages alongside many new and exciting features we know you'll love, such as full Steamdeck support! This will be our first round of localization support, with more languages planned to be integrated in the future.


- Len's Island will be made available in 2-3 new languages (Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and potentially German) More languages will be supported in future updates.

Full Steamdeck Support

- Players will be able to play Len's Island seamlessly on Steam Deck with full support. We are particularly focusing on improving the performance, readability and accessibility of the text and UI throughout the game, as well as improving the control scheme for both Steamdeck and PC Controller input.

Farming Content

- Sheep to be added as a new animal that spawns in the overworld

- New functional loom added to the build menu

- Silk added as a new resource

Cave Content

- Glow bugs that spawn in the cave system and used to gain a new resource

- New cave details that improve the overall functionality and aesthetics of the procedural cave systems.

New Buildable Items

- New double bed

- New high-tier decoration items


Late March will be the release of the Frozen Lands Update, the 4th and second last act of Len's Island! This massive update is just as the name suggests, an entire new arctic world will be added to the Len's Island map. With the addition of this new world, there's a long list of new content!

Build a sled to travel through the harsh environment, fight dangerous new bosses and defend outposts with new base-defense mechanics, upgrade your weapons to damascus steel, discover new animals and so much more!

  • Massive new arctic world accessible by boat or portal

  • Several new enemies and animals

  • Many new resources and items

  • New damascus steel weapon and tool tier

  • New katana weapon

  • New sled vehicle

  • New major boss and keystone network

  • Expansion to base defence mechanics/gamemode

  • New temperature system

  • New greenhouse building pieces

  • More details to follow in the lead up to Act 4!


We are so excited to announce the full release of Len's Island is coming between July and August 2024! There will be more details to follow, but for now we can finally announce that co-op multiplayer mode and hardcode mode will be added to Len's Island for the full release!

  • Co-op Multiplayer

  • Hardcore Mode

  • More details to follow in the lead up to Act 5!


Please note that although we do our best to set reasonable expectations, the Len's Island Roadmap is subject to change during the development process.

Keep up to date with Len's Island progress and news by joining our Discord server and following us across our socials. If you're interested in getting early Alpha builds of our upcoming updates, be sure to sign up to our Patreon. We will be releasing early alpha and beta builds of the Harvest Moon update a couple of weeks prior to the release, which will be available to our Patreon supporters.

Thanks for reading ~ Julian

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