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Len's Island Full Release Roadmap

Updated: May 21

Discover what we have planned for future updates as we reveal key dates for major features and announce the full release of Len's Island! Although we do our best to set reasonable expectations for our updates, please note that these timeframes are subject to change during the development process.

We'd also like to thank the Len's Island community for all of the ongoing support and suggestions. The roadmap has been tailored based on the feedback we've received to ensure we give you the best possible version of Len's Island.

Roadmap Details


The Community update is set to be released at the end of March and will include the next round of language support and the ability to upgrade your resource-mining outposts.

  • Language support for Korean, Japanese, French, Portuguese and Russian

  • Resource mining outpost upgrading

  • New building tooltips when placing build items

  • Many bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements


Two exciting updates will be released at the end of April including the Camera Orbiting update and the Completionists update.

Camera Orbiting update includes:

  • Camera orbiting

  • Camera zooming

  • Reworked screenshot mode camera controls

Completionists update includes:

  • New starter guide/tutorial

  • Quest objectives with XP and resource rewards

  • New Collections page in compendium to keep track of all unlocks and items


The end of May will be the release of the Frozen Lands Update, the 4th and second last act of Len's Island! This massive update is just as the name suggests, an entire new arctic world will be added to the Len's Island map. With the addition of this new world, there's a long list of new content!

Travel through the harsh arctic environment, fight dangerous new bosses and defend outposts with new base-defence mechanics, upgrade your weapons to damascus steel, discover new animals and so much more!

  • A massive new world expansion that brings an arctic ring encasing the map

  • Cherry blossom biomes, frozen mining biomes, arctic stronghold biomes, and more.

  • Snow deer, rabbits and dangerous wolf packs

  • Four insane dungeons with new enemies

  • Crazy new boss fight

  • Huge amount of new resources

  • New damascus steel weapon and tool tier

  • New katana weapon

  • Underground cave expansion

  • New arctic town filled with unique items

  • New machinery and crafting recipes

  • New cotton and bamboo crops to farm

  • New red panda companion

  • New tuna and squid fishing pools

  • More details to follow in the lead-up to Act 4!


We are so excited to announce the full release of Len's Island is coming between July and August 2024! There will be more details to follow, but for now we can finally announce that co-op multiplayer mode and hardcode mode will be added to Len's Island for the full release!

  • Co-op Multiplayer

  • Hardcore Mode

  • More details to follow in the lead-up to Act 5!


Please note that although we do our best to set reasonable expectations, the Len's Island Roadmap is subject to change during the development process.

Keep up to date with Len's Island progress and news by joining our Discord server and following us across our socials. If you're interested in getting early Alpha builds of our upcoming updates, be sure to sign up to our Patreon. We will be releasing early alpha and beta builds of the updates a couple of weeks prior to the release, which will be available to our Patreon supporters.

Thanks for reading ~ Julian

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Ihor Karpiuk
Ihor Karpiuk
Jun 01

Why bring russians over? It's like you're still living in 2013. They are not from our party. I will never play the game if you include russian language and there are a lot of people like me.

Jun 07
Replying to

bro russia is not only country where they speak that language you should think twice before writing dumb comments


H Horror
H Horror
May 03

Just wanted to say that I think your game has tons of potential and the promo material is *chef's kiss*, but I sincerely hope that you're able to add A LOT more content to the final release. TBH the game feels incredibly empty right now. Please flesh it out; I wanna love and support your game!


Georgina Letts
Georgina Letts
Mar 02

Will it be coming to xbox? I really hope so, it looks great.


Manuel Aguaviva
Manuel Aguaviva
Dec 20, 2023

I think it's time to launch the language update. A little late. Thank you


Nov 25, 2023


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