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Cursed Underworld Update

Cursed Underworld Update: 0.6.0

I know we said our last big update "was the biggest update ever", but seriously, this Cursed Underworld update, is the biggest update ever.

I do highly recommend starting a new playthrough, as the entire game is just so much better from the ground up. However, your save files will still work and you won't be forced to restart. It's just a ton of fun to play over and you'll be missing out on content otherwise.

We've added dozens of massive new features and pillars of gameplay that truly expand the experience of Len's Island, as well as rebuilding and rebalancing the entire game from the ground up.

Get yourself prepared for the biggest changelog you've ever seen. I'll add some pictures in between so you don't get too bored.

~ Julian

New Features & Changes

Armor & Enchanting

  • New armor sets and outfits added to the game

  • New player window in the backpack for equipping wearables and tracking active abilities.

  • New wearable abilities for every armor and outfit piece in the game. Abilities such as reflecting damage to enemies, seeing fishing pools on your map, damage resistance, viking fury, farming bonuses, and so much more.

  • New enchanting table can be built for socketing runes into weapons and tools.

  • 11 new enchantment runes added. Enchantments such as chain lightning, ignite, lifesteal, illuminate, holographic, and so much more.

  • New armor stands added for displaying and quickly equipping armor and outfits.

  • New anvil added for upgrading your tools and weapons.

Combat & Cursed Dungeons

  • Shields reworked with new shield-bash ability that dashes you forward while knocking back and stunning enemies.

  • Torches reworked with a new ability that knocks back enemies with a small chance to catch them on fire.

  • All weapons reanimated with new attacks, much stronger and better feeling abilities, reworked timing and rebalanced from the ground up.

  • Every dungeon in Len's Island can now be "Cursed". Cursed mode is a hardcore version of the dungeon that is completely different from the base level. New enemies, new obstacles and traps, much darker and scarier, rare rewards and epic loot.

  • New cursed versions of the Void Boar and Void Troll boss fights, good luck.

  • New achievements for completing cursed bosses and defeating all cursed dungeons.

  • New detailed weapon popup UI showing specific stats and enchantments for all items in the game.

  • Every dungeon in the game has been rebuilt from the ground up, many major changes and new additions to every level.

  • Several new "elite" enemies found in both normal and cursed dungeons.

  • Enemies and animals can now fully navigate into and around your buildings. Trapped animals will save and stay at their location.

  • New Lightstone torch that ignores the cursed void darkness.

  • New traps and hazards found in cursed dungeons.

Peaceful Gamemode

Yes you heard it, you can now peacefully play Len's Island if intense combat and dying isn't your thing. Don't drop your backpack on death, don't lose health from falling off of cliffs, don't lose health from hunger, and enemy eye-sight is reduced significantly so you can explore the dungeons far more easily.

Procedural Caves

The entire map of Len's Island is now mirrored in a gigantic underground cave network. You can freely build anywhere in the caves, you can use them to navigate and traverse between islands, find rare resources, complete puzzles and building challenges, and grow mushroom farms. I know this is just one little section in these notes, but this is a MASSIVE change that literally doubles the size of the world in Len's Island.

Survival & Farming

  • New stag and doe deer animals roaming all forest islands

  • New resources added: Animal hide, Tanned leather, Raw venison, Cooked venison, Venison & Mushroom Pie, Health Potion, Health Flask, and Regeneration Potions.

  • Bigger skill tree completely remade in a new window with more skills, sleek new design and lots of room for expansion in the future.

  • Starting health and backpack sizes rebalanced.

  • You now drop your entire backpack of resources when you die, except gold. Your XP and levels are not affected by dying either.

  • Trees now knock down other trees.

  • Crops now die after not watered for 5 days, dead crops can be harvested for fibers.

  • Added ability to grow mushrooms in farms within the caves.

  • All food and health item's recipes and buffs completely rebalanced.

  • New hunger and armor bars.

  • Passively heal from having a full hunger bar, lose health until minimum of 10 hp when starving.

  • Trees regrow naturally much slower, stumps can be watered to make a tree grow back the next day.

  • Changed controls for watering and gathering plants & trees to make them easier and more simple.

Improved Controls and UI

  • All resources are now drag and droppable from the inventory.

  • You can now drag any item in the game onto the ground, or onto your hotbar, or into a chest.

  • Added new double-click quick actions for all items so you can quickly move items in and out of chests, or your hotbar, or onto your armor slots.

  • Generally improved and reworked a significant amount of the UI across the game.

  • New recipes and fuels list on every machine so you always know exactly how to make any item.

Everything Else That's New

  • Bridgewater town is GONE. There are now 3 towns spread across the map, with some old crowd-favorite villagers coming back into the game.

  • NPC dialogue system overhauled and more in-depth.

  • Lots of new items to buy and sell across all of the towns.

  • New player model with new, more detailed, clothing.

  • Added back end for ability to make Steam workshop clothing in the future.

  • Lightning strikes during thunderstorms that can light stuff on fire, including you.

  • WASD and mouse control schemes merged together for ease-of-use

  • New Steam deck compatibility controls.

  • One billion bug fixes.

  • A bunch of other stuff we forget.

We have really put everything into this update. Since the moment Uncharted Waters came out, we've been working on this day in and day out. We've been sleeping at the office the past couple weeks and pulling a lot of all-nighters to get this done. So we will probably be a little burnt out over the next week. So please have some patience for when the inevitable bugs and issues arise that we will need to patch. We will be working our hardest to make sure this update stays as smooth as possible. However we do need to consider our health, so we might be a couple of days late here and there.

Thank you all so much for patiently waiting for this, it's just one, of many many more huge massive gigantic updates to come to Len's Island. If you think this is cool, just wait till the next one.

- Julian


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