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Currents and Controllers

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Currents, Controller Support, & Combat Update: 0.5.2

The new Currents and Controllers Update for Lens Island is now live on Steam for PC! *We're having some shader issues on Mac and will push a Mac build in the next few days, sorry for the delay. We’ve introduced new procedurally generated ocean currents, included the first iteration of controller support, and the first iteration of our combat rework. Find out more about these features below!

Basic Controller Support

After receiving many requests from the Len’s Island community, controller support has now begun it's implementation journey into Len's Island! We have included basic controller support into the game, "Basic" meaning that it's the first iteration. There's still a lot of room to improve it, especially with the UI and game menus. The important part being, you can now officially play the entire of Len's Island with full controller support across the game! and we will be slowly updating and improving the controller experience over time to make it better and better.

  • What does it include?

This controller support currently includes fully functional and re-mappable player controls, with virtual-cursor controls for all of the UI and menus. We’ll be expanding on these features over the next 12-14 months in the lead up to full game release.

  • Is it compatible with Steam Deck?

After the controller support update, playing on Steam Deck will have far-improved controls. However, it isn't technically supported for Steam Deck at this stage as we need to make essential optimizations to ensure gameplay runs smooth. We hope to have full compatibility in the future.

  • Should we expect full controller support in the future?

Controller support will be improved upon consistently during early access as we aim to refine the UI and menus in the game to further cater to controllers. We hope to have comprehensive controller support integrated at the full release of Len’s Island.

New Ocean Currents and More!

As the world within Len’s Island grows, the oceans become increasingly expansive.

Currents work to enhance the sailing experience in Len’s Island by incorporating ocean current systems that can speed up your boat in open waters. While travelling by sea, you must keep a keen eye on your direction to ensure you take the quickest path to your destination. These currents are procedurally generated, making each game play truly unique to explore.

Looking for an opportunity to build at sea? Look no further as we’ve integrated over a dozen new sand banks, coral reefs, and unique rock formations that can be found at sea. These new environments are able to be built upon, perfect for a new secret base! Building at sea not only brings out the reclusive nature in us all, but also provides interesting and challenging foundations to build upon. Ocean houses can also be very useful when building them next to ocean currents, for easy traversal around the map!

If building isn’t your jam, exploring the new rocky terrain will also reap rewards. New fishing holes are abundant in these areas, allowing you to fish plenty of sardine and swordfish in peace. Uncover these new features on Len’s Island today!

~ Official Changelog ~

+ New Stuff

  • Procedurally generated ocean currents new generate throughout the ocean in all worlds.

  • Added basic controller support, with full player controls, virtual cursor support and various other tweaked across the game to make controller play more fun and engaging.

  • New optimization system improving frame rates around player buildings and farms by 10-20%. *Were still working on further optimizations and specifically optimization the town significantly

  • All swords, hammers, spears and claymores significantly rebalanced with new attacks, animations and updated critical hit system. *Glaives, battle axes, and all other weapon types currently still under development and may have small issues.

  • Animated sails for all boats.

  • Altered game file bundles to allow for smaller update sizes in the future

~ Changed Stuff

  • Lowered volume and radius of crop sparkle sounds.

  • Altered workbench upgrade costs.

  • Doubled damage point and health values across the game.

  • Reordered some resource pages in the backpack for easier navigation.

  • All weapons midway through rebalance.

* Fixed Stuff

  • Issues with first town plot showing its fence and letterbox before being unlocked.

  • Rare issues with town plots and town upgrade system causing errors.

  • Not being able to place curtains sometimes.

  • Map tile loading errors.

  • Various Steam achievements not triggering correctly. In particular, the Something Fishy, and Fish Collector achievements.

  • Changing framerate not properly disabling V-Sync.

  • Can't build things if their cost contains a resource that is on the hotbar and the amount on the hotbar is not enough.

  • Can’t delete ceilings after entering edit mode immediately after placing.

  • Flat roofs sometimes block each other. Building a donut of flat roofs can obstruct the center one from placing.

  • Upgraded water towers not properly updating with extended water reach.

Enjoy the Update!

- Julian


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