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Len's Island Roadmap 2023

We know how eager you are to find out what's next for Len's Island. The team have put their heads together to sketch out a rough roadmap of the new content we intend to add to the game within the next 6 months.

We've also taken note of all community feedback across Steam, Discord, YouTube, Twitter, emails, and our website. All of the most noteworthy suggestions and feedback have been integrated into this roadmap and we will continue to update Len's Island alongside the communities ideas. Take a look below for what we've planned for the first half of 2023!

~ Roadmap Update Timeline ~

Update #1 (March)

Combat Improvements

- Improving combat & dungeon crawling throughout the game.

- Rebalancing and potentially altering current weapon sets to make each weapon class be more unique.

Controller Support

- Basic controller support implemented and improved over the duration of road map. This controller support will include fully functional and re-mappable player controls, with virtual-cursor controls for all of the UI and menus. Eventually we will aim to rebuild the UI and menus in the game to cater to controllers better, this is just the start.

Ocean Updates (Part 1)

- New kinds of fish including squid and ink.

- Ocean currents system (speed boost areas for boats).

- Seaweed (patches of seaweed that slow down boats).


Update #2 (April-May)

Compendium & Bestiary

- New compendium menu to keep track of player attributes, stats, collected items and more.

Armor & Clothing

- New armor and clothing system, adding collectable wearable items that can be acquired from completed tasks, exploring, killing bosses and more.

- New skills that unlock with pieces of armor/special wearables. Skills that can be equipped regardless if you're wearing the item or not (sort of like a transmog system).

Ocean Updates (Part 2)

- Expanding the size of the world and adding new unique ocean cells, such as coral reefs, rock pools, shipwrecks and underwater caves.

New Town & NPC building content

- Won't go into too much detail yet. Giving ways to reward players for building better houses for villagers, and the villagers rewarding you with better buy/sell prices and higher gold limits.


Update #3 (June)

Creative Mode

- Different world with unlimited resources and many new commands to be able to build to your hearts content.

Hardcore/Survival Mode

- A new, harder, more survival focused mode with higher risks than the standard Len's Island mode.

Building Updates

- Looking at adding triangle foundations and improving build snapping.

- More deco and construct items.

- Improvements to building controls .


ACT 4 UPDATE (July-August)

The 4th and second last act of the game, more info will come closer to release.

- More biomes, many more islands.

- Wave-based dungeons.

- New enemies and boss.

The plan over the next 12 months is to finish the content of Len's Island, which means finishing acts 4 and 5 of the game, as well as finishing any outstanding features that need to be added. The full-release out of early-access is planned to be 12-18 months from now, which will see all 5 acts released, along with *hopefully* co-op multiplayer being added. Along with an array of various other things.

We will be consistently sharing progress and updates across our socials, but Discord is always the best place to get the most up to date info.

Thanks for reading ~ Julian

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