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Frozen Lands Update Releasing May 27th

Winter is coming to Len’s Island... Are you ready to brave the cold?

Gear up for new wintery biomes, enemy strongholds, boss fights, and much more! Let's explore the avalanche of new features coming soon to Len's Island.

Frozen Lands will be the final major update before Len's Island exits Early Access and launches into 1.0 with multiplayer later this year, and since the team wanted to end early access with a bang, this is one hell of an update!

We're introducing a massive expansion to the Len's Island map, with new biomes including cherry blossom islands, arctic fortresses, frozen mining islands, and an extension to the cave network. You'll discover an arctic town with new resources and epic armor sets to trade, winter animals to hunt, tamable red pandas and a heap of new quests to complete.

Get ready for more above-ground combat as the next round of dungeons are about to get a whole lot harder to enter. Each dungeon is situated on its own island that's heavily guarded by enemy strongholds with new armoured voidlings and cursed ballista towers patrolling the coastline. To keep these fights at an even playing field we're adding a powerful new damascus steel weapon/tool tier and a katana sword that can be purchased in the arctic town. Improvements have also been made to the enchanting table as we've added even more enchantments. You can now enchant your armour, weapons and tools, not just once but twice! The possibilities are endless as you can now create your ultimate custom build.

Farming enthusiasts can also enjoy a variety of new farmable resources and advanced machinery in the Frozen Lands update. Forage for cotton and bamboo in the new biomes and use their seeds to grow your own crops. Once harvested, these unique resources can be refined using the new loom machine and implemented in exciting crafting recipes that help you advance through the harsh environment.

I could keep talking because the list of new features is so long but it's best you discover the rest yourself! Below is a quick rundown of what key features to expect when Frozen Lands releases on May 27th.

~ Julian

New Features

  • Massive Map Expansion: Unique biomes such as arctic fortresses, cherry blossom islands, and frozen caves are introduced in the Frozen Lands update, offering a huge expansion to the Len’s Island map.

  • Four Additional Dungeons & Major Boss: A set of treacherous dungeons teeming with new armored enemies, challenging traps, and punishing boss fights. Enemy strongholds heavily guard each dungeon entrance, adding another layer of adrenaline-charged combat.

  • Unique Armor and Weaponry: Become a master fighter by taking advantage of the new Katana weapon class and upgrade your current weapons to Damascus Steel. Collect powerful sets of armor including the Winter Fur Set, Samurai Armor, and Oni Demon Armor, each holding unique abilities.

  • Improved Enchanting System: An updated enchanting system provides a variety of new enchantments that can be fused to weapons, tools, and now, armor. Enchant items twice to create your perfect custom build and become stronger than ever before. 

  • A New Era of Farming: Collect new resources scattered across the arctic lands, grow unique crops, and build new farming machinery to unlock advanced crafting recipes. 

  • Discover New Animals: Hunt a variety of snow animals, including rabbits and deer, but beware of ravenous wolves roaming the arctic lands. Fish for tuna and squid in the new fishing pools spread across the arctic islands. Red pandas can be found on cherry blossom islands and can be tamed… if you know how – the perfect companion for the freezing quests ahead.

  • New Arctic Town: Venture to the arctic town, trade with villagers to gain new items, and sell various resources. Upgrade the town to unlock a warp portal for easy traveling.

  • Additional Quests: A set of adventurous new quests await in the Frozen Lands update. Receive exciting rewards as you complete each quest and keep track of your collections while progressing through all the newly released content. 

  • Big performance improvements: We overhauled the lighting system and were able to consistently improve performance by 30-50% more FPS. This will be very impactful for lower-end hardware too.


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